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About Us

To contribute toward a sustainable, climate-neutral, just and healthy society, Safa Urja engages in various projects in line with the United Nations’ sustainability goals and the Paris Agreement on climate and emissions.

A step towards a brighter future with Green initiative.

In the mids of growing environmental issues & crisis basically because of the use of fossil fuels and other non-renewable sources of energy, Safa Urja has come up with the one and only initiative to combat local & national environmental problems and contribute to world through the use of alternative sources of renewable energy and waste management with 4Rs(reduce, reuse, recycle and recover) concept.

The initiative is to collaborate together with local bodies, produce energy and manage waste at the local levels as well as creating employment and support in economic development of the backward communities.

Our Values

Our values combine economic and ecological sustainability with circular economy.


Safa and Sustainable

Our technology offers safe and sustainable pathway for all waste and energy viability


High quality end products

In alignment with our core value proposition, Safa Urja will demonstrate green initiative through advanced, sustainable recycling and resource recovery technology .


Economically viable

Our technologies, products are an economically viable, enabling commercialization and supporting the local and global transition toward renewable


CO2 Neutral Premium

We are striving towards a CO2-neutral premium products , energy solution and also offer a pathway toward lower GHG(Greenhouse gases) emissions.


Renewable & Environment friendly

Promoting and enabling renewable energy, products & services to reduce environmental costs and improving access to clean energy goods.The importance of environment friendly technology can not be underestimated.



Sustainable products, innovation and sustainable growth are based on modern and resource efficiency Green Technology which will help us to stop destroying further ecological basis.

Our Clients

List of our clients.

Our Focused Area

Our focused are the foundation of our strategy which drives our value and ensure its continued success in the future.

Renewable Energy

Our country has high potential for harnessing wind energy. Safa Urja is assessing the feasibility of Wind & Farming.

Eco System

The Safa Urja aims to create a smart and sustainable waste management ecosystem that perceives waste as a resource and utilises it to fulfil human needs in any sustainable manner.

Water conservation

Our water conservation strategy focuses on sustainable water security through local participation in water replenishment, advocacy for smart water management & policies, and responsible water use.

Waste to Fertilizer, Energy & Management

“The three R’s – reduce, reuse and recycle of waste management, this will help us to create sustainable life. And Shift from 3Rs to 4Rs "Recover" also helps us to recover materials or energy out of the waste like, Bio-Fertilizer, electricity, heat, fuel and compost through thermal and biological means.

Affordable health

Health Care For All. With this Motto, Safa Urja is advocating for the easy access of health care for everybody and will be helping through awareness training program and research.

Sustainable & circular economy

Sustainability is a core part of our strategy and business activities. By applying 5R's Principle, we will be transforming our business model towards circular value creation.


We offer a wide range of products and services.

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25 KG Organic Safa Mal in Sack

Organic Bio Fertilizer

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Organic Bio Fertilizer 2 KG Pack

Organic Bio Fertilizer

Upcycled product from Fruits plastic foam

Upcycled doll

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Organic Fertilizer 25 KG

Organic Mal

Upcycle product

Upcycled Pillow & Cushions

Upcycled product from Fruits plastic foam

Upcycled cushions

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Safa Foundation

Safa Foundation is part of Safa Urja. Safa Foundation is purely for the purpose of non-profit activities.

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Foundation Certificate

Foundation registrar certificate

Foundation registration

Foundation registration in Bharatpur Metropolitan City


You can reach us under following number and address details.


Head Office: Milan Chowk, New Baneshowar, Kathmandu Nepal, P.O. Box 19446

Branch Office: Bharatpur Metropolitan City, Narayangarch, Chitwan, Ward number: 3

Factory: Khairahani Municipality, Chainpur, Chitwan, Ward number: 3



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